Teenage runaway Tex, knew life was hard, but she never expected what life threw at her this time...

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Thursday, 1 December 2011

First Blood

I sped through the rapidly changing streets as the wind tore at my hair, following close to Alexander. A sense of freedom rose up in me, verging on euphoria, as I lost myself in the simplicity of running. Others senses unheeded, sights and smells drifted by. My previous anxieties slipped away with the blurring facades. I found myself becoming too enamoured with the benefits of being a vampire and far less concerned with the downsides. 

“Pay attention to the smells…”, his words floated on the wind to me, clear as glass. “Search out the one that attracts you most, the one that draws you to it…” 

I started to focus properly on the scents assailing me and once I had, they became pungent. It was like I’d turned the dial to full whack. I tried to mentally sift through them, one by one. The bitter tang of the tarmac, repulsive, cloying sewers, the sickly sweetness of mouldering rubbish, various aromas of cooking food and the fresh, earthy smell of the few trees in the area combined to become nauseating and oppressive. But one strong smell laced among the others drew me. Coppery, syrupy, and rich. 

I centred on that lone smell, tried to determine where it was coming from… As the heavenly scent sucked me with it, I veered sharply to the right, turning down an unknown street in my pursuit. Buildings became houses, ornate architecture guarded by tall oaks. Somehow I knew Alexander had turned with me, following behind. The aroma was delicious and getting stronger with each turn I took. The burning in my throat intensified unbearably as I closed in on my target. I stepped up my pace, desperate to end the torment. A wave of desire swept me up as I finally saw what I had been pursuing. 

I found myself staring at a man who was walking down the empty pavement. I stopped dead in shock. Two fangs descended into my mouth, unbidden and I realised with a start that a low rumbling had begun in my throat. I wanted to eat him! Well, not actually eat him…but, well, bite him and drink that beautiful smelling blood. I now knew that’s what I had been following: the thick, compelling scent of blood. I could hear the sound of his heartbeat, irregular from walking so briskly. The blood rushed through his veins, becoming a roaring in my ears. It called to me, a song to my new black soul.

No longer caring about the repulsive act I felt compelled to commit, I closed the distance between myself and my prey in an instant, wrapping my arms around his neck in a cruel embrace. Before he even had a chance to scream, I bit hard into his neck, feeling the skin give and break. Warm, delicious liquid spilled into my mouth and rushed down my throat. I moaned in ecstasy. This was my ambrosia. I drank and drank, allowing the blood to sate my being, caring for nothing else around me. My eyelids fluttered as I experienced a strange high overtake me. Becoming dizzy, I retracted my teeth and stepped away in a daze. The man who had so enticed me with his seductive blood fell limply to the cold tarmac in a heap. 

“What are you doing?” Alexander hissed. “Finish him! You must complete your change!”

Shocked and still a bit woozy from drinking so much blood, I felt out of place, unsteady. I could still hear the stranger’s heartbeat, very slow and erratic. He was close to death, but to outright kill him? It still seemed wrong to me, even though I understood I was different now. But then I remembered the second part of what he said…complete my change

“Kill him!”, he roared.

Fearing the loss of my new life, one where I actually had a chance…a future maybe, I made a decision. I could hesitate no longer. I said a silent apology to the poor guy, then I sunk my fangs back into his neck and drew every last drop of blood and life from him. Discarding the corpse without another care, I felt power scorch through my veins, changing me. I grinned wickedly as I relished in the last vestiges of blood induced high. Feeling invincible, I turned slowly to face my mentor with scarlet lips.

“More…I want more!” 

I took off running, paying no attention to my surroundings, only the smells. Immediately I picked up another trail just as delicious, but stronger. I didn’t care that I’d become a killer. I cared only for more of the hot blood coursing through my veins. My feet barely made any sound as I tracked my new prey diligently. 

Alexander followed close behind, eager for a kill just as much as me. I realised, for the first time, that I could sense him and some loose snatches of his thoughts. He had watched his new fledgling revel in the first drink and the awesome sight of it made him desperately thirsty.

Coming to a sudden stop before a set of carved stone steps, I isolated the new scent. It emanated from the red-brick townhouse before me. Lights glowed from the many sash windows framed with scroll-like masonry, illuminating the shadowy forms beyond. Focusing intently on the building I let my mind drift inside, inquiring. I sensed more than one presence and I smelled it too. Maybe they were having a party of some sort, I could hear music that sounded unreasonably loud with my amplified hearing. There did seem to be a lot of people in there… I turned to face Alexander, questions written in my eyes.

“We can take them if you want them. Do you want them Tex?” Seeing me nod, he continued. “Well what are you waiting for then? Lets eat.”